The National Geographical Institute has issued a map ‘1914-1918’, linked to a website and a smartphone application.

As of now, the book is available at the price of € 25,00!

As regular as clockwork, the National Geographic channel has been broadcasting documentary films entitled “Apocalypse” on World War Two and Nazi Germany. The producers of this series have recently also set their minds on World War One. They have launched a DVD box set onto the market about the Great War that shocked the world from 1914 until 1918.

A march of remembrance will be held between 8 and 12 October 2014. Ceremonies and exhibits are planned in different places. The French Protection and Commandment Vessel‘’Diksmuide’’is to reach the naval base of Zeebrugge with a detachment of Navy Fusiliers and the “Bagad de Lann Bihoué” band on board.

This military cemetery, installed near the fort of Marchovelette, contains the graves of 491 Belgian soldiers, of whom 178 are unknown and 32 French soldiers.

The “Attics of Memory” is an exhibition offering a unique view of the “Great War” in the province of Namur. The fights around Namur, but also the occupation, the hunger and misery are evoked through original objects, documents and photos.

“First World War Centenary Partnership Program” is a public interest group established in 2012 by the French Government for the preparation and implementation of the commemorative program for the First World War centenary.

A major ceremony commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War will be held here on 4 August 2014, which will be attended by numerous heads of state and representatives of the former warring parties.

When the First World War erupts in 1914, Canada has little military power to lend to the conflict. There are just 3,000 regular soldiers, plus a poorly regarded militia of local volunteers. When the Canadian Expeditionary Force raises thousands of new recruits and sends them to England for training, there are few French-Canadians among them.

On 5 May the Prince Philip Fund organized a World War One meeting for schools and teachers in the BELvue Museum in Brussels.